About Us

Our “Unclimbed Peaks” are chosen because of their accessibility for all trekkers. They are not climbing peaks but trekking peaks. The peaks are checked that they are on the Nepalese Government list of unclimbed peaks and then we do further research to ensure, as far as possible, that no one has previously climbed the peaks, that they are not on a route to a bigger peak or that they have not been used for an acclimatisation climb before another peak.

We use Climbing Sherpas to assist with leading over any glaciers, leading whilst roped up or setting up any fixed line if necessary. The main climbing Sherpa is a UIAGM and very experienced having climbed Everest and many other 8,000m peaks several times.

Our Director, Brian Jackson, a very experienced UK Mountain Leader/Medic, will also accompany you on the expedition. He has previously climbed 3 Unclimbed Peaks, Kilimanjaro x 21, Elbrus x 3, EBC x 13, 5,000-6,000m peaks x 15+, and many other 4,000m peaks.

We run a very thorough training weekend to discuss/demonstrate/cover all aspects of the expedition including kit, jumar and rope work, medical, filming, tent share, itinerary, insurance, altitude, wash kit, kit hire, how to sleep warm, pre-departure tips, flights etc.

Our passion is to help push people to their limits and achieve their goals with an approach that is safe, patient and supportive.

  • Our Ethos: We believe in promoting the personal development of others through challenge and the raising of money for charities. We aim to do this through our excellent challenges and expeditions
  • A Great Team: We use only the best expedition leaders for our challenges.
  • Safety is Paramount: We go to great lengths to ensure our challenges and expeditions are of the highest quality, allowing for the safest and best experience.
  • Small but Mighty: We are a small company which allows us to tailor-make the best expeditions and challenges for you.
  • Overseas Partners: We only use the best and most reputable partners on our overseas challenges, many of whom we have worked with for years, ensuring safety is never compromised and our high standards are maintained.
  • Bespoke: With our knowledge and experience, we are also able to create bespoke challenges for you and your team.
  • Share the Experience: The great thing about our open challenges is that you can join a group for a challenge.
  • Great Value for Money: We make sure we provide the best quality for money, with all of our challenge costs featuring added benefits.
  • Working Together as a Team: Our challenges are perfect for those who are looking to participate in a challenge together.

What people say...

  • The most awesome experience of my life - Heather Bentley

  • A once in a lifetime chance – Dawn Richardson

  • Wow, do it! – Catherine Husted

  • To walk where no one has walked, to stand where no one has stood – Amazing! – Rhiannon Thomson

  • Unforgettable, life changing – Bug Wrightson